Tuesday, March 3, 2009

further hooking.

above is the newest of the plastic bag hyperbolic models i have been working on. i was really excited when i discovered this specific type of vegetable bag that can be cut thin and crocheted at a relatively small guage. these bags have writing on them so i separated the bag parts into 'dirty' and 'clean.' this is the clean model. i am making another one using the exact same pattern, only out of the dirty bag parts so it has little blotches on it. oddly, that one is turning out bigger and looser which i can not understand.

this little guy is making me happy. the specific kind of plastic gives the form a soft opalescence. it is firm and soft all at the same time.

by the way, if any of you torontonians have any extra plastic bags (especially my most coveted yellow bay bags), you can still drop them off at the knit cafe. we have another plastic bag crochet yarn meet-up planned for this weekend and all of our stocks are running low. bag contributions would be much obliged.

i should probably also mention that if you are in the mood to learn some basic crochet (and contemplate some higher mathematics), i do have another hyperbolic crochet class coming up at the knit cafe at the beginning of april. you can check their course schedule here for all the details. these classes are totally not hard and a lot of fun.


tina said...

OH yes! I put away a bunch of bags for you guys! but I missed the last gathering and I wasn't sure if you guys needed more bags.

I have some yellow ones put away just for ya! they are not the bay tho, but close enough yellow. i think.

sweetie pie press said...

we are getting together again on sunday (this time in a private gathering) so any bags dropped off before then will be used.

the bay bags are special to me (texture and colour tone) but other people are using other yellow bags so they will still get used.