Tuesday, February 24, 2009

small displays of excess.

...the collection of hyperbolic beasts grows. this one is a double spiral made from some weirdo mystery yarn that karyn gave me from the workroom vaults. double spirals are a lot of laughs! they can sit in many different poses, including spiraling tubes and flat-wormesque convolutions.

also, after some back room whisperings, it looks like a toronto reef is in the works. as with all coral reefs, it will take a while to establish itself and will grow slowly over time. but i do foresee a great bloom at a yet-to-be-determined point in the future. stay tuned for news. but until big plans present themselves, feel free to take a look at the growths that have grown out of one of our living room chairs (sorry, sweetie)...


Anonymous said...

It will be a wonderful installation! Beautiful!

elisabetha said...

these are awesome! you've got a whole aquarium growing!

i've also tagged you for a little something at my blog, if you like :)