Tuesday, February 10, 2009

handmade, nation.

image courtesy sublime stitching

the crew at city of craft is very happy to be teaming up with the ontario crafts council and the toronto craft alert to present a very intimate canadian premier of handmade nation, faythe levine's brand new documentary about the indie craft movement throughout america. i meant to announce this before last thursday when the film saw its world premier (in faythe's home town of milwaukee, naturally) but then got distracted with the diwhy opening and trunk show and didn't do it. regardless of my tardy timing, faythe deserves a big huge pat on the back for her accomplishment, and i don't even have to see the film to know that.

i first met faythe in 2006 when she was shooting her first round of footage for the movie. it was the first craft tour that aitor i did (at a humble three months) so we were all converging at just about every event. i think i ran into faythe and michaela (who was behind the camera) in cities from chicago to austin. i shot some interviews with her (which, i believe are now on the cutting room floor) and mostly marveled at the massive surge of independece that was swelling up all around us. it was a recent but different time when things still seemed possible and growth was in the air.

i am hugely thankful to faythe for taking the time (not to mention the physical, emotional and debt-amassing financial commitments) it took to make a document of the craft movement we are now experiencing.

i have also been asked to introduce the film, which will be followed by an informal discussion about whatever strikes our collective fancy (hopefully crafts).

you can visit the webpage we made for the event here. jen and i are meeting up to make tickets on monday so that in-person presales can start up to the ontario crafts council gallery tuesday morning. if you can, i strongly recommend geting tickets in advance as the gallery we are screening in is pretty small and it's hard to say when you might have another chance to see this movie...especially with a group of your fellow toronto crafties.


tina said...

OH! How do i get my hands on pre-sale tickets?

sweetie pie press said...

they will be available as of tuesday morning at the ontario crafts council gallery (look here for directions and hours). again, it is the gallery (not the guild shop) where tickets will be on sale.

isn't it all very exciting?

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

I'm so excited. I'm attending the show in NY tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

i'm so very excited to see this! yay!