Monday, January 19, 2009

moss plate.

above is a collection of moss, ferns, cones and lichens that i brought back from the farm where my dad lived. aitor and i unpacked it all when i got home. he fed all the bugs that crawled out to his carnivorous plants (thus, facilitating the circle of life) and we arranged the moss onto our bigger serving plate. i wish we could just keep it like this. aitor and i both decided that we like it quite well. unfortunately, toronto apartments with hot water heat are far too dry in the winter time for moss so these samples are soon to be arranged under glass. but for now, we have this beautiful focal point in our living space. there are these long spikey red things that even dance when you mist them with water (which we do constantly to keep them happy). some of the lichens also unfurl (or maybe they furl) when misted. i'm pretty excited about this project and the fascination/calm it is already bringing us.

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pomly said...

That looks delicious!