Saturday, January 10, 2009

apple tree and pine cones.

how can this apple tree be producing fruit in january? such is life in the pacific northwest. i don't have much time for dillydallying on this visit but i manage to sneak a few minutes for poking around in the woods here and there.

it's rainy today, too, and i'm not used to it anymore so that's a bit of a drag.

but i did pick up some of my favorite pine cones while chasing my aunt's crazy dogs around. there are big plans for these little guys. but more on that later...


Anonymous said...

I'm loving your photos!

Those are my favourite pine cones too. I really want to make *something* with them, but inspiration has yet to strike. I look forward to seeing your creation.

sweetie pie press said...

i was corrected by my aunt.

they are alder cones. i knew they weren't actually pine but also not cedar. alder!

sweetie pie press said...

oh, does one of my jeweller friends want a set of these to cast?

ghostface knitta, i grant you first dibs. if it is of interest, that is.