Sunday, December 14, 2008

yeah, right. if i was going to live blog from the show. city of craft was way too insanely busy for me to even think. it was amazing! we organizers know that there is room to grow and improve but really, overall, these things feel like tweaks. jen and i were actually beside ourselves at how smoothly things ran this year. and the crowds! i will leave you with some pictures from the big day.

if you'd like to see more, look here or here.

oh, and what did i come home with? a mushroom terrarium from newly transplanted winnipegger, holly procktor; a skein of handspun yarn from pleasurecraft fibre studio; and a mighty care package from tara bursey which included all her hits - onion skin pins, tea bag orgimai shoes, a shrimplace ornament and more! i just want to get a bunch of shadow boxes and frame all her stuff up like the perfect artifacts they are.

i am exhausted and contented and in sad it had to end.


shannongerard said...

city of craft totally killed! thank you for organizing the best event of the year!!

neonfoxtongue said...

It looks like it was an amazing show - great job! I'm so excited that I'll be living in Toronto soon and will be able to go next year. I also spied a pic of my good friend Emily on the flicr site - she volunteered a couple of weeks ago with the posters, etc.
Hooray for connections on the Internets!

-Michelle R.

Breezy said...

that looks like so much fun! makes me jealous - i'd love to have something like this in my city, but the indie craft following here is just so tiny :(

Unknown said...

oooh, yay!!
i am glad it went well!
color me jealous.

Justin Miller said...

Congrats on a successful event.
I'm jealous too. I was at a suitcase sale about the size of two of those tables. I did well, but you are so fortunate to have an event in such a wonderful space.

vantiani said...

Wow! What a craft fair!
Congrats! Looks like you've done a great job there!

I wish we have one craft fair here in Jakarta:(

Thank you so much for sharing,


karyn said...

it was super crazy fun while i was there. all that hard work showed and everyone said they had such a nice time. wowowowow.