Tuesday, December 30, 2008

weird stuff under the tree.

well, christmas has come and gone but i did want to highlight a couple of extra special gifts that came our way. the first one (above) came to aitor via julie in philadelphia. it's almost self-explanatory. i will do my best to photograph the 'houses' contained within when aitor decides to install them.

this, on the other hand, is a gift my mother brought back from europe. i am still on the fence as to weather i should hang the whole thing on the wall or try my luck at actually using them. skerple quality seems dubious at best.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine found Skerples at a dollar store in Ottawa last year and I do believe that they're quality was pretty dubious. Certainly not in the same league as their rich cousins.

sweetie pie press said...

update from cinnamon cooper (via flickr): skerples are being given a run for their money by staunions. that's the report from chicago, anyway.

kelly said...

Oh, my! Skerple! I had a full mouth of beverage when I saw that and just spit it out. Wow. I'm still chuckling. Thanks for the laugh!