Sunday, December 21, 2008

powering through.

presented here is today's envelope glut. the first group is from patty in virginia (above) then from betsy in atlanta (below).

maybe i should mention that i have only been photographing the new patterns i find. all my contributors have been much more generous than i have been letting on. speaking of their generosity, i am starting to accumulate quite an overstock in a few more common patterns. does anyone in the toronto area have a use for them? if not, start thinking. this is when leah needs to be around to come up with some great project we could do with the church of craft.

here's a contribution from ana in scarborough:

it's hard to see in the photo, but this envelope has a very fine dotted pattern on it. and this last pair of envelopes is from karin in calgary:

i especially like the scalloped pattern. i have a couple patterns like it in the collection but they are all very different.

this makes nineteen new patterns today which bring the current grand total to a whopping 251. can you even believe it? it kept me busy, anyway, through snowmageddon part two.


shannongerard said...

ooh, i'll take some of the leftovers-- i'm going to wallpaper a very skinny little area in my house with squares of them!

Viki said...

I say have someone make little "matchbooks" of papers.

sweetie pie press said...

oh, both great ideas!

and shan, i have leah's paper cutter if you want to come over and cut out squares. i can't believe i never thought of wall papering...hmm...hmm.