Thursday, December 11, 2008

love, attention and broadcasting.

photo by a nice lady from eye weekly
(tell me who you are and credit will be lavished upon you)

1. up there is a picture of evan webber and myself from the 'party pics' section of this week's eye magazine. that's where i sit once a month hocking buttons and comics for trampoline hall. evan's not always there smiling beside me. he did a lecture on monday about the social and economic values of auctions. this resulted in the live auctioning off of three buttons. that was a real hoot! danny shapiro's lecture was a real hoot, too. i can't even do it justice by trying to explain what went down. suffice it to say that i now think enough laughs have happened on this planet and i feel safe abandoning comedy forever.

2. i got a note this week that old friend and fellow former west coast girl guide, katie varney, has launched a new art and design blog for the canadian southwest (more commonly know as the pacific northwest). the blog is called in my back yard and i am deeply honoured to have found myself in the beginnings of her blog roll. katie and i actually reconnected a few years back when she came out to one of the catch23 shows i was in and recognized me as the little brownie she once knew. and the rest is...well, i don't know yet.

3. aitor's friend heidi also found the ugly beautiful cbs sunday morning piece on mo rocca's youtube cannel. you can now see it wherever you are!

4. speaking of aitor's fame, we also had a private viewing this evening of a short video journalism piece that our old friend q and his compatriot aaron made about aitor (and the unflattering portraits) earlier this week. it's great! while not public yet (they are trying to find a buyer in the news media), we shall let you know when it goes online. it's really beautifully shot and assembled - aaron is a photojournalist and as a result they made a piece that combines video, still images and still sequencing. really interesting stuff.

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