Tuesday, December 9, 2008

another motherload.

i am sorry, rest of the world, but i have to declare that the current forerunner for envelope pattern greatness to be the united kingdom. this is all in my own humble aesthetic opinion. i would also put autralia/new zealand in a close second (i know it's uncouth the bundle australia and new zealand together but neither country seems to have much envelope distinction - the same goes for canada and the united states and i am supposed to care passionately about things like that). who knows, though? i know i have many more packages to go through including one from germany and one from lithuania. i wonder if any challengers will emerge.

but for now, i am sorting through the above contribution from sophie in london. each envelope she sent was different with most of them being new to my collection. i know the bricks are new for sure and i will have to go through the dots and honeycombs to see what's what. regardless, i am going to allow myself to make a few buttons tonight so that these new patterns can make it into my city of craft installation.

did i mention that you should come to that?


Jill said...

I can't get over this project, I've been reading your blogs about it avidly. Brilliant and wonderful!

sweetie pie press said...

oh jilly bee,

i am so glad this is interesting because clearly i am in too deep to stop.

maybe i get to see you in the summer. that would be nice.

Viki said...

I found another new to me pattern from an investment company yesterday.
I'm beginning to think we should take clear pictures and send them to you and THEN if you shop and we mail.

sweetie pie press said...

hey viki,

that's a great idea, since my scanning project isn't happening right away (little is happening aside from city of craft these days).

a few people actually did send me pictures, i just didn't want to demand this of everyone. but it was very useful.