Sunday, November 2, 2008

so long baltimore, hello philadelphia.

well, we are now back where we started this whole wild tour, philadelphia. we rented a motel room in baltimore last night and (if my calculations are correct) slept for fifteen hours. today we decided to do a bit of ambling through baltimore before leaving - mostly to visit some of our favorite places is hampden.

we also got to visit the new storefront of our screen printing friends at squidfire. kevin was there manning the shop, so we got to catch up a bit, too. they have taken over the storefront that used to be atomic books and have filled it up with all their creative output. unlike their website, this affords them the possibility of selling of test prints and small runs. if you are in the area, you should probably visit their shop. you'll probably find something entirely unique. they are also nice dudes. oh, and they do custom screen printing, too, in case that is the kind of thing you might need.

after this last splash in baltimore, we took to the back roads and made our way to the loving arms o our adoptive family in philadelphia. our friends steve and julie and three kids and five dogs, so there is constant action in the house. in my current state of exhaustion and confusion, this is a surprisingly comforting distraction. i thought about explaining this series of pictures from our first evening in their home, but i think i'd rather let you all make up your own narratives.

maybe if you are all very good i will explain our evening's activities. but for now, i'd like to hear your guesses.


richard wayne said...

Hi there! This is off topic to your entry, but I wasn't sure where else to send it. So here goes...

My ladyfriend and I have been following the Sweetie Pie Press blog for a while now, and she has a blog also. well, i wanted to inform you that i guest blogged for her yesterday and used one of your photos of the good Reverend Aitor (the one by the barber shop in Bedford, PA, where, incidentally a good friend of mine is from. I showed him your blog and he appreciated Bedford being portrayed in such a positive light) in my entry about the Men's Organization for the Utilization of Style and Taste in the Advancement of Countenancial Hair Enhancements (MOUSTACHE). His handlebars are MOUSTACHE-approved whiskers. Check it out, if you will, at Please let me know if you object to my using your photo.

All the best,
Richard Wayne

sweetie pie press said...

thank you richard.

we loved reading that post. however, i must disclose that his whiskers have been much diminished in compliance with his colonel sanders hallowe'en costume. i hope it still makes the grade. but really, how could it not?

richard wayne said...

Well, I saw the Colonel Sanders costume, and I (and MOUSTACHE) approved! ;)

richard wayne said...

Oh, and I love the Johnny Cash pin!