Tuesday, November 4, 2008

mutual admirations.

today was a relatively easier day. well, as easy as a day can be in a house with three kids and five chihuahuas.

we did some drawing with the kids (surrealist exquisite corpse exercises) and then moved on to conveying obsessive habits onto the girls. hazel already had a rubber band ball, so we shared tips and stories and worked on ours. ella needed to start one. i hope i haven't inspired to girls to steal all of julie's rubber bands. remember, it is best to find rubber bands on things like vegetables, not your your parents' (or atior's) office. i have learned this the hard way.

i should also mention another up shot of our stay in this family; i get lavished with constant portraits. here is one from ella:

you may notice that i am wearing my amazing horseshoe shirt that i bought at why louisville. the girls were pretty enamored of that shirt.

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karyn said...

becky i love this portrait of you and can't believe you've been away for half a year. i think i need to work on my rubber band ball at home not at work, all my rubber bands kept getting absconded and now i think it has vanished into thin air. i didn't realize this project would be so challenging.