Tuesday, September 30, 2008

leaving st. louis (or thereabouts).

it has been inexpressibly wonderful to have spent the past few days living in the middle of a family here in belleville, illinois. but as with all of our passing homes, it quickly comes time to move on and follow our own travelling circus elsewhere. besides, we are like most house guests and begin to stink if kept around for too long. so today we push on into indiana. but before leaving, we had to make a couple of stops.

stop #1 - circa.
circa boutique is belleville's answer to handmade shopping. the owner, andrea, was a vendor at strange folk and makes an impressive effort to bring handmade stuff from all over the globe into her well tended corner of belleville's main street.

stop #2 - senior citizen warehouse.
in spite of images the name may suggest, this is actually a thrift shop that came highly recommended by our hosts (well, by bruce who seems to enjoy hoarding more than shannah). after picking out a few things, we took them to the counter and were told "four dollars". bruce says you can also wheel and deal there. but why would you need to when the folks there do it for you. also (and this is very important to any local readers this blog may have), the furniture section of the store boasted no less than a half dozen vintage built-in table sewing machines...for three dollars each! pardon my screaming, but if you live in the area and need a sewing machine you really have little excuse not to go get one of these. from my perfunctory inspections, they seemed to be in good shape. oh yes, and they are three dollars.

well, enough yelling. indiana calls.


Shannah said...

Vintage sewing machines here I come!!!
Holy crap, $3!

sweetie pie press said...

serious holy crap!

sorry it took me so long to post this. but they didn't seem to be flying out the door.