Saturday, October 4, 2008

indiana calls us home.

(post title stolen from one of reba's postcards. possibly it has meaning beyond my understanding.)

today was the second day of the indieana handicraft exchange. i will be honest, it was a little slow. but this opened up some great opportunities to chat with other vendors, trade stuff and listen to some twangy folk country.

i picked up some awesome hand dyed yarn from flying sheep ranch - they specialize in historical yarn dying techniques and offer only colour palettes from the 1800's. i also ended up with a diptych of little paintings on wood by jessica sowls who, now that i have discovered her blog, has certainly graduated to hero in my books. i will have to do a round-up of artful acquisitions when i get home. currently, i am most concerned with keeping everything safe in the grimy leaking car.

we also ended up being taken in for the night by jamie and jerry (of jerry lee's western wear...well, he is, anyway). this is the stuff he makes:

when we got to their place, it was like we had walked into a dream aitor was having - taxidermy, antlers, religious art, and, of course, typewriters. in fact, we were pleased to discover that the typewriter room was also the guest room. i kind of thought that aitor was going to explode. or maybe implode into a the sweetest of sleeps. our best friends are strangers once again.

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