Monday, October 20, 2008

hotel canzine and my broken pencil pictorial profile.

this just in from broken pencil headquarters in toronto: an little interview i did a while back has been translated into the back page pictorial profile in the upcoming issue of the magazine.

this issue, by the way, is being released on sunday in concurrence with broken pencil's annual hotel canzine, a zinester assault that descends of toronto like no other indie lit event. they take over the bulk of the galdstone hotel for a day and cram every possible inch with indie fun. this year's event also includes comedy performances by some real talents like levi macdougall and kathleen phillips.

this year's fall issue focuses on the canadian indie comedy scene (my erstwhile home turf), so the issue is full of articles and interviews about/with some of my favorite people. i have no idea what the pictorial will be like except that it has been done by a woman named claire manning. after perusing her website, i think i am in good hands. now i just have to hope that i didn't say a bunch of stupid things.

lindsay (broken pencil's editor) says that the pictorial will be up on their website sunday but feel free to report back on you impression if you see it beofre i do. and get off your tushies and go down to canzine. i am so sad i can't attend this year. it's the most overwhelming fun you'll ever have.

oh, yes...the front counter at the gladstone also houses a little gallery of goods from the souvenir shop. you can see if my confusion corner buttons are there and/or peruse the other earthly good on display.


Church of Craft Athens said...

I did not know they still did Canzine! I did it a few years ago, like 1999 and it was very good.

sweetie pie press said...

oh, yeah. it's lots of fun. the hotel format is very crazy but in a good way. the downstairs in a regular crammed zine fair and upstairs there are artist rooms filled with installations and cool stuff.