Tuesday, September 2, 2008

dress up photo fun day in atlanta.

photos by stacey bode

today, in feverish delirium, we all decided to make good on plans to do a silly photo shoot with one of our hosts, stacey. stacey is a pretty rad photographer so i was quite honoured to be posing for her. that said, my brain is so overheated parts of the session are a little blurry.

did i mention i have had a cruddy cold ever since the curtain dropped on the festival i was here performing in? yes, this is all true.

but back to the photo shoot...when i rolled out of bed in the early afternoon, stacey was scraping foamy tape off of some wood panling with a rusty razor blade. this, apparently, is how you make photographic magic (as evidenced by the ensuing photos). we then raided the weird crap in our car and some fake birds of staceys (she apparently has a thing for fake birds in photos). she also ended the afternoon by taking some magnificent photos of my buttons and aitor's art. we shall never be denied from a craft fair again with these!


Unknown said...

I need a copy of that photo of you two! Did you get my letters?

sweetie pie press said...

yes, we did get your letters! they were amazing! i have been meaning to do a postal round-up of all the swell surprises that awaited us in the mailboxes of atlanta, but my illness kiboshed all these plans.

maybe tomorrow...