Thursday, August 14, 2008


this morning (and last night) we spent interloping in yet another family. we were sheltered by julie, steve, sage, ella & hazel (and their pack of puppies) all of whom we just met by chance when we were rained out of the art star craft bazaar at the very start of our trip. and how lovely to get to spend all this time visiting right into families. it is exceptionally fun to hang out with the kids (not that the grown up time in the evening wasn't deeply appreciated and full of laughs). after such a short visit, both ella and hazel decided that they should come with us or sabotage the car to make us stay. very flattering, indeed. and thanks for not pouring sugar in the tank, ella. we can't afford any more mechanical work.

below are two special views of the ladies.

#1 - ella's camera face that drives julie nuts and makes sage laugh:

#2 - the face hazel makes when she is trying to arch her eyebrows one at a time.

we are planning a trip back just because we left so much of our hearts with this very special family. also, julie runs the philadelphia independent craft market which we have been wanting to do. next time, we're going to get pictures of sage, too, no matter what he says.

the girls also sent us on our ways with two flower hair clips that they make and sell. i have to say that mine is doing a very good job of keeping my hair nearly in order on this muggy muggy day. i also inherited aitor's in spite of how good it looks on him.

and now we sit in a motel room just outside of baltimore, finishing off the last of the wild arugula soup that jenny made and tried so hard to love but couldn't. we love it, jenny, and feel very spoiled to have home cooking in a motel room. tomorrow holds adventures into one of our favorite cities - baltimore. we are excited. but also...tired. good night!

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Unknown said...

I want one of those hair clips. Put the girls in contact with me, please.