Monday, August 11, 2008

back through new york.

today we took our time loading the car in the torrents of providence. the rains cleared up just in time for us to say our sad goodbyes to marya and push off towards brooklyn.

i felt very metropolitan, indeed, to have a late afternoon meeting with the lovely christina at etsy about their possible sponsorship involvement with city of craft. we do know that they will be involved in some way, which is very exciting. all other related news will have to wait until it is firmer. after the meeting, aitor and i hung around for a little bit. he drew and i soaked up the wireless signal to do some furtive business and check in on life in the ether.

our constant saviors dominica and marc took us in again. well, marc is away so dominica took us in. i also ate pasta made with beets at the restaurant where she works (amid the many places where she works).

after getting settled, we went on a big mission into manhattan to find our friend melissa. she told us she would be at a bingo night, which we had all but missed. we finally did find the place and her within it as the proceedings wrapping up. it's too bad we missed it, too. it looked like a lot of fun. and it's super cheap.

we managed to convince melissa to come out for a little drink with us after even though she has to get up early in the morning for these professional development classes she is taking on the new new math. i'm glad we coerced her, too, because in all our chatting we hatched a pretty good plan for our hallowe'en on the road. i won't say anything in case it doesn't materialize. but i sure hope it does...

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Unknown said...

I am very glad that I went out as well. It's always a pleasure to see you. I can only say that if Halloween doesn't happen, it will be because you guys can't make it. Trust me, I am all over it. It's a Friday AND it's Halloween? Um, yeah, there is NOTHING standing in my way.