Tuesday, July 29, 2008

white horse, red roof, green gate.

...when these are signposts towards your intended location, it is a fairly sure bet that said destination will be of interest.

tonight we camped out at the home of my father's friend, nancy, who lives on the outskirts of santa fe. she made us a lovely dinner of non-road food and we drank wine and talked about friends and families. nancy is also full of stories that push all of our romantic notions to new heights - working for georgia o'keefe, meeting hunster s. thompson and spending time on a robert altman set. really, these are mythical possibilities to me. so...which of my current friends is growing towards being a legend? it better be one of you, because i want to be that impressive someday.

oh, her? that's ophelia. we got to camp out and hang out with a beautiful horse.

i should also mention that today began with a last splash in albuquerque. i had a meeting arranged with the supremely lovely ladies from self serve. at our new friend christie's suggestion, i went in there peddling my wares. being a sexual resource centre, i thought they would mostly be into emma's love porn buttons but to my surprise the store stocks a lot of things besides bedside apparatuses. apparently knitting is also kinky. so go in there if you need buttons in the 505. i will leave the goodies inside behind their frosted glass for now. you'll have to go poke around in person.


lauren said...

i really love this white and freckled horse.

sweetie pie press said...

she is only six years younger than i am!