Friday, July 4, 2008

tales of the high seas.

today we hopped a ferry for an all-too-brief visit to my father's home on pender island. man, the ferries have gotten expensive. fuel expenses have made their car fares almost double. my dad says less and less people are able to leave the island anymore for supplies. it is also cutting into tourism.

but we are not out this way very often, so i paid through the ass to see my dad. he also thinks he can do some fixin' on our car's bumper which is still hanging off the car like a big battle wound.

we didn't get a lot done today. we just went down to port washington to get live crabs from my dad's friend pat then we had an ol' crab boil, ate and went to sleep. ah, a pirate's life for us!

oh, and we got a tour of the ever-changing farm that my aunt and dad run. this year, fancy greens are the new black.

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