Friday, July 25, 2008

red or green?

today we took it very easy. we looked around the grounds of the awesome complex where shenoah lives (note bone and cactus sculpture above), we ate yummy food at winning coffee co., ran into shenoah's cool friends everywhere and ended up watching a gypsy swing band at the end of the night. they are call le chat lunatique and are certainly worth checking out.

muni (far left with fiddle) also came by later to visit and we had some good late night chats. we were trying to stay out of shenoah's hair as he packed up his house in preparation to depart to edinburgh tomorrow. if you happen to be in edinburgh this coming month, i do suggest you go see him and the great chavez in their new show, versus vs. versus. i haven't seen it but i don't have to. i know them. they are great.

oh, yes. and we learned that new mexico has an official state question - "red or green?" without context i wouldn't have figured out why. can you?

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