Monday, July 21, 2008

hey, let's go live in some paintings (or how i learned to stop worrying and went to arizona).

what kind of monster wouldn't find this beautiful?

or this...

you'd have to be an actual monster. i really feel as though we are just passing through ideas of what beautiful is. this place really gives saskatchewan a run for its living-sky money. only, arizona manages to have both wide open spaces and mountains. aitor and i are both pretty awestruck.

we rolled up this evening to our digs for the next few nights, the shady dell trailer park in bisbee, arizona.

and look what greeted us:

this is the most extravagant we have yet let ourselves be on this trip - four days and three nights of living out of a restored 1950's trailer. really, it costs about as much a motel. our budget (and fate) led us to the little "homemade" trailer that we will be staying in for the next few days. we immediately fell in love with our little temporary home in the desert. it defies physics in its ability to house us and, we believe, is the actual form of romance.



leah b said...

whoa. this takes the cake for most jealous i've been of you since you've left.

sweetie pie press said...

somehow i'm even jealous of me.

Anonymous said...

that's a nice slice of livin'.

Jill said...

Sounds (and looks) wonderful! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Shady Dell! I've wanted to stay there ever since I found them on the internets, years ago. My jealousy is unrivaled.