Wednesday, July 16, 2008

further south.

i should mention that we ended up spending a night in santa cruz because and old friend (who i think i have not seen for at least twelve years) happened to attend the renegade craft fair in san francisco. rachel is now living in santa cruz studying something relating to organic farming. she made the dangerous mistake of offering us a place to stay. as it turns out, she was serious. this is why we got to spend a lovely evening and part of a day in that seaside town. also, that picture up there is really a peek into how aitor travels. if you were wondering how he looks so sharp while we travel, the answer is accessories.

rachel was into seeing how i made buttons so i brought out the machine and hammered out a few of emma segal's unpopular vegetables (naturally) so that rachel could wear some to the class she teaches.

we shoved off in the afternoon (after eating some tacos) and headed towards los angeles and our friend josh's place. one of the upshots of going to santa cruz is that we got to spend some time on smaller roads before getting to the i-5. we don't always have the time to take side roads, but i prefer it when we do.

we got into the endless sparkling of los angeles at a nearly reasonable hour. although we made the mistake of wanting a corner store late at night. this is the kind of place where you really have to know your way around. oh, and the smog in southern california (currently amplified by all the forest fires) makes for some haunting sunsets.

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