Wednesday, June 18, 2008

so long, citizens.

after such a brief but jam-packed visit to bruno, it came time for us to reassemble ourselves and shove off for edmonton (where i will be performing for ten days).

it was a sad goodbye to our new friends (for me, anyway) but at least we got to do some rabble rousing before our departure. serena has been holding on to an assignment she made (from learning to love you more). the assignment involved making a presentation about an artist and installing it in a public place. serena had made an installation about glen baxter but felt too shy to put it up on the town bulletin board (being one of the new weirdos in town). so when two new weirdos showed up, the time was right to put it up. you will also note that some market weight pigs have become available in the area. so, if you're hungry...

after wrenching ourselves away from bruno, we threw caution to the wind and decided to drive twenty minutes away from edmonton to visit the nearby town of humboldt. this was dumb because i had agreed to perform in a cabaret at 8:00pm in edmonton and we were already going to be cutting it close. but we've just fallen so deep in love with saskatchewan and it's not a place we often have the opportunity to find ourselves. we also heard there was good thifting there.

i'm glad we made the trip. the "humboldt goo neighbo store" was one of those just totally incredible out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere thrift store experiences. i bought a whole bunch of vintage buttons and (this is the crazy part) an avocado flour/sugar/coffee tin set with matching wall-mount paper towel/tin foil/cling wrap dispenser for $2. for the whole set! now just i have to figure out how it is going to get back to toronto.

we also made it to the varscona theatre just in time for the show. we pulled up to the back door, i said some hellos, talked to the tech, got into costume and the show began. and thus it starts anew. goodnight.


Unknown said...

I'm so happy to hear you made it to the Humboldt Goo Neighbo Store (despite leaving late). It's a gem! It makes me rather sad we are never able to go anymore due to conflicting shop hours...

Unknown said...

P.S. I submitted my assignment to LTLYM on the 19th but they haven't posted it on the website yet, hopefully soon! Thanks again to Aitor for braving the streets of Bruno for me. The Glen Baxter retrospective is still gracing the town bulletin board.

sweetie pie press said...


that's so great!

maybe bruno does want its public art retrospectives.

by the way, i have also become addicted to looking at the learning to love you more assignments and reports. i could consume my life with spying on others.