Monday, June 16, 2008

going rural.

today started in a sluggish, belated manner with a repacking of the car and a shop visit to kustom kulture in winnipeg. they are now fully stocked with new sweetie pie buttons and sets for those in winnipeg looking to acquire some. after an obligatory late breakfast at stella's, we finally shoved off into the great wide open of our long drive into saskatchewan.

our destination was the all citizens shop in bruno, saskatchewan, and a visit with its proprietors, serena and tyler. tyler we had met once in passing at an art opening of his in oakville and serena has been my internet pen pal since i contacted her after jen suggested i read her blog, going rural. after reading her blog and finding out about the art/craft shop she ended up opening in bruno, i made sure to get some sweetie pie stuff out to rural saskatchewan to stock their shelves.

we spent most of the remaining daylight driving and rolled into bruno just at the very end of dusk (which is pretty late at this time of year in places this far north). we watched storms pass by, miles and miles to the south of us, and generally marveled at all that big sky this part of the world has going for it.

when we got to bruno, we were greeted by two of the nicest folks a couple of wayfaring hobos could hope to meet. there was much chatting and getting acquainted to do, so we laid into the last of our duty free bourbon and talked about everything under the sun. tomorrow, we are being treated to some wheatland tourism and visits with friends. i can hardly wait.


Dory Kornfeld said...

Do you know about the Vancouver artist, Theodore Wan, who changed his middle name to "Saskatche"?

Unknown said...

We count ourselves lucky to have been visited by the two of you! Hope you made it to Edmonton safe and sound.

sweetie pie press said...

dory - no, i did not. but now i do if i choose to believe you.

serena - we are still reeling from the experience (and scared that we have ticks) but are otherwise safe and sound in edmonton.

toronto craft alert said...

ooh - i want to know deets of this visit. i was hoping for some all citizens on location shots (maybe later?). it feels like you are visiting a place from the movies to me...

p.s. i read your blog. not always, but sometimes for sure.