Sunday, June 29, 2008

car trouble.

well, unless you are riding the rails with jack kerouac, car trouble should certainly be expected while on the road. something has happened to our dear beloved boris carloff (maybe a fuel issue) and we are having a heck of a time getting someone to look into it on the verge of canada day. i must say, though, that the garage we towed it to on whyte avenue did lead us to believe that they were a 24 hour operation. how could we have been so naive in this small city? when i called to check on progress today, i was told "no, we don't have any mechanics in until wednesday." what's that? so what i am saying is, if you know of a mechanic in edmonton who might help us out tomorrow (monday), we are all ears and appreciations. i like this place okay and all, but my family, a salmon barbeque, a dentist appointment and countless other wonders are all waiting for us in vancouver.


Anonymous said...

So crappy about the car trouble! My uncle's a mechanic in Edmonton, but his shop's way over in the west end, near "the mall". My dad works near the Varscona and might have some suggestions though - I'll check with him!

Anonymous said...

Okay, my dad says there's a Shell station on Whyte at around 99th that has a mechanic, but that's the only place he can think of on Whyte that has a shop. There's a Petro-Canada with a Certigard repair centre on Whyte too, up around 83rd (near the Bonnie Doon Mall).

Hope you get back on the road soon! And let us know when you hit Vancouver!

sweetie pie press said...

aww, thanks, roro!

the shell station is actually where my car is currently stranded with no mechanic until saturday. and i can pay to get the car towed again if it ups my chances of getting out of here.


Anonymous said...

Buh indeed!

Well, my uncle, Barry Kimmitt, works at Sherlock Automotive in the west end. Here's the number: (780) 481-4905

They may not be in tomorrow 'cause it's a holiday, but when Chris and I were doing our cross-country Fringe tour, they managed a pretty quick turnaround.

While my uncle is lovely and we're on good terms, I should warn you that mentioning my name probably won't get you a discount. But you might get a free air freshener! Woooo!

toronto craft alert said...

i'm sorry to hear about your mobility issues, and this after laptop failure! quel horreur.

just in case your access in limited or you have a million emails piled up i wanted to give you a bloggy poke to check your mail about'm a bit freaked out about this stuff after TCA struggles.

ok but really, i hope this car stuff got resolved & your teeth are feeling dentist-fresh!