Friday, June 6, 2008

all day brooklyn.

today we took it easier. you know, ate some collard greens, walked around, played with a baby. we did a little more visiting with anda and little sido. i modelled with some of my handmade wares for some pictures anda is trying to amass of etsy sellers. it's for a hand-bound book intended for promoting etsy to the press (which is too bad for me because it sounds like a beautiful project that i wouldn't mind seeing).

because all we do while traveling is pose for pictures, aitor later headed out to pratt to sit for some more photos by dominica.

we rounded our day out with some packing, planning and biking through brooklyn over to the bar where dominica works to have a bit too much bourbon, some pizza and a teetering bike ride home.

brooklyn's nice. i like it.

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