Thursday, May 1, 2008

contamination series and the looming onslaught.

finally, and just in time for a weekend packed to the gills with craft vending, i have completed the first little batch of buttons from toronto artist/designer mark laliberte.

his set, called contamination series, is constructed from a collection of found images for the scientific past. each set comes with the microscope man, a little check list and an assortment of four "slides." i'm pretty excited about the arrangements by which these can be displayed/worn. these sets present a lot of options in that respect.

these guys (along with all the other button sets) will be available for sale at both the clothing show and the spring thing trunk show this weekend. i did the math - there is a total of 29 craft fair hours for me to cope with over the next three days, and that doesn't include load-ins and load-outs. i guess it's a good test of stamina. whenever something makes me feel to exhausted i usually just tell myself that i'll never make a good mother if i can't get by on no sleep and the self-doubt mobilizes me like imagining a shark in pool. we'll see if that works this time. after i survive the weekend, mark's sets will also be added to the etsy shop along with a few other choice surprises.

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