Sunday, April 27, 2008

weekend craft explosion.

among other less interesting activities, i spent my sunday afternoon at the workroom for their monthly quilt sunday open jam of piecing and cutting and sewing in community. that's jen up there working on some new hankie sets for the toronto craft alert. i was working further on my endless hexagonal quilt project.

sara from pin pals was also in town from montreal and toiling in the back of the room. she spent most of the day chained to the laser cutter and working through this giant stack of paper dolls. it can become so overwhelming when our crafty projects grow in popularity, hence sara's recent shift from scissors to lasers. i am happy to leak the news that sara is also in the midst of designing a new commissioned artist set for the sweetie pie press. hopefully that will be ready in time for some upcoming fairs. not that it won't be totally rad whenever it gets made.

as if all this quilting and chatting wasn't enough craft-related stimulus, jen and i also headed over to the m.a.d.e. (modern art design exhibit) at the gladstone. it's always such an inspiring/overwhelming show. organizers sarah and hoi-an do such a good job of curating and positioning the show as a fine craft show with strong elements of art, design and skill. i love it. i became most enamored of the ceramics i saw - stuff my xenia taler, lesley-anne green, and of course julie moon. whenever i see miss moon's work at any show, i can't stop circling back to look again and again. these are the moments when my perpetual brokeness really stings. the moments when i wish i just had a day job and filled my life with nice things. mostly, these acquisitory moods are of little merit. but when i see great art i feel unrepentant. well, mostly unrepentant.

i went home with one of her poppy pins (below) but of course, she had to go and make all these malformed busts (even more below) and totally blow my mind/heart. after the car gets new tires, and i get new glasses and buy the inhalers i need for spring, i know what i will be saving my pennies for.

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leah b said...

oh my god, those busts are so beautiful. i'm so sorry i missed the show this time around - but my woefully empty pockets would also cause a bit of regret.