Tuesday, March 11, 2008

pardon my grain.

as a side note to general sweetie pie operations, we make the (usually) monthly buttons for toronto's trampoline hall lecture series. aitor and/or i also go there and populate the merch table (which includes buttons and this crazy comic book that resulted from the last show i curated, but that's another story). above is the view i normally have of the show. well, that, the back of lauren and carl's heads and, somewhere off in the distance, the stage. if you have not heard of the show, now you have. and if you haven't been to it, you should go. it can be awfully hard to get tickets, though. hmm. i am curating again in may. maybe i can take a few reservations via this blog. hmm. hmm.

aside from being pleasantly reminded of misha glouberman (rhymes with doberman)'s vast abilities as a host last night, we also discovered this article by naomi skwarna floating around in print form. as misha pointed out at the end of the night, naomi's done a really good job capturing the show and all its complex simplicity (and i'm not just saying this because she did such a nice interview with me this past summer. but she totally did.) it also amused me that aitor is featured so prominently in the photo spread for the article. in the print version, he is described only as "a dapper man." who can argue with that?

this was about the only good picture i could take last night. among its many distinctions, trampoline hall is probably toronto's most dimly lit lecture series. also the only lecture series where you can scarf on poutine and guzzle beer. aside from the coke sign in the background, this picture is 100% montreal to me.


Anonymous said...

so sad. most of the time i can't do manday night things. wah wah wah. and, boo!

sweetie pie press said...

manday, you say?

this must be daroil.

Anonymous said...

my my. how freudian of me. there's always time for manday. mondays at the moment are a whole other animal.

so...did you figure out my mystery riddle answer?