Sunday, March 30, 2008

the frozen mitten lost and found

what a difference two weeks make. apologies to my reader for abandoning this blog for a while. i was running an improv tournament/festival here in toronto that burgled all my waking hours.

this is the blog entry i've been meaning to make this whole time. although, it did make a little more sense two weeks ago.

frozen mitten

found march 12, 2008
front & spadina
as the ice melts on the streets and winter continues to buck its weary head, all sorts of things are melting out into the city. this seems as good a time as any to announce this little project i've had brewing for a while now - the frozen mitten lost and found.

this year, on my birthday, i lost one of my favorite mittens. it was made for me by this lady on barter and was one of a kind. i was pretty heartbroken and retraced all kind of steps all over the city but to no avail. it was gone. and yet i know it still probably exists. but the act of giving up on such a search felt like an admission that the pursuit was impossible, that my mitten was not anywhere i could find it, or that maybe it had vanished all together.

for this reason, i decided to take in wayward mittens in the hopes that someday they might be reunited with their mates. this project also spills into some more interactive/installation-based notions, too, but i still have to propose those so i've yet to find out if they will materialize.

although it probably won't really kick into gear until next winter, i figured i should post pictures of any mittens already collected since the main goal of the project is reunification. if you happen to find mittens, you can also send them to me - just make a note of when and where you found them.

if you are reading this from outside of toronto and feel the call to establish a frozen mitten lost and found of your own, please get in touch. i am also coming up with guidelines for creating sister projects.


Marnie said...

can we send you mittens who have lost their mates too, in hopes of reuniting? that is, the remaining lonely ones in our houses on whose frozen partners we've long given up hope?

sweetie pie press said...

i've been thinking about this. i guess i would need some stats on when you think the partner may have gone missing and then contact information for you (should we find the missing mate).

yes, i think this is a good idea.

sweetie pie press said...

man, this is such a lovesick project. even thinking about its operating rules makes my heart ache a bit.

Unknown said...

now we're going to have to have search parties.....

toronto craft alert said...

this here is a nice mitten. i would be bummed if i lost it, and really grateful if we were reunited.

let me know if you want help spreading the word about this new project. or you know, post something yourself.

sweetie pie press said...

oh, jen, what a nice offer.

maybe i will sort out my parameters a bit better and let you know.

really, this won't go crazy until next winter, but a teaser might be nice.