Monday, February 11, 2008

the rubber ducky incident.

okay, so i have a million rubber duckies. i used to buy some cheap one every time i had a bad day and i guess i began this at a tumultuous time in my life and was suddenly a collector.

well, i am now on the brink of thirty and am reconsidering my large collection of rubber ducks. i think all those house cleaning shows are shaming/scaring me into wanting to get rid of things. also, real estate in the bathroom is hotly sought after now for our growing collection of epiphites.

this ducky, however, stays. i think it's the oldest one in my collection and is made in ireland - an erstwhile hotbed of rubber duckdom, no doubt. there are a few more that have to stay for reasons of sentiment or kitch, but i think i can whittle the keepers down to five or six.

so that leaves at least 50 assorted rubber ducks that need to go.

make me an offer?

i will consider money, things and services.

you have to go in for this sight unseen (to keep it interesting) but i can tell you the rules i maintained for my collection:

1) no doubles (although i may have ended up with a couple as gifts).
2) no clothes (ducks don't wear clothes)
3) no anthropomorphism (barf. duck + human = barf)

leave your offers in the comments section. let's see if we can get a crazy bidding war going on, which would be amazing considering nobody knows this blog is here.

i will abruptly announce the moment when i decide which offer to accept.


HT said...

you watch oprah.

toronto craft alert said...

can't believe you went home and made a blog. of course you did.

i will add you to the blogger list shortly.

sweetie pie press said...

i watch just about everything but oprah. although i did catch the episode where a lady decoded babies' cries. that was cool.

speaking of which, ht, how big is you baby now? they are getting rid of some samples at work.

Claire Louise Milne said...

I love the one in your photo but she looks a little nervous about the epiphite looming over her. Does she know she gets to stay?
I wanted to wish you happy birthday too. I was sorry to miss the workroom and feel like I probably missed all kinds of fun.
and I'm honoured to be on your blog list in such select company.

Unknown said...

Auntie says this is super.. I don't want the ducks but love the idea! I was in L.A. helping my mother-in-law get rid of stuff... felt cleansing!
xoxo ~M

Claire Louise Milne said...

Oh.. and you're tagged.

Here's the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Rhya said...

that is one cute duck!
i would take them, but my bathroom is already occupied my own mini collection of ducky's, sponge monsters and bath salts and soaps in the shapes of other things, like fruits and pigs.

sweetie pie press said...

so, no bids yet?

why are my prized collections not of interest to the world?

shannongerard said...

Sweet! Am I making the first bid?

How bout a crocheted finger puppet set?

I'm working on the prototypes for something new-- so this is sight unseen for you too!

sweetie pie press said...

oooh, my first bid!

i am going to curb my impulse to jump at it immediately in the interest of stoking this bidding war i keep talking about/imagining.

shannongerard said...

To sweeten the pot and add to mystery-- your finger puppet set will include two "innies" and two "outies" Now think about my other projects and just try to imagine....

You know it will be the most awesome finger puppet set EVER!

sweetie pie press said...

after some heavy bidding, i have decided that shannon wins!

i'm sorry for not saying yes right away, but i really had this dog fight of weird offers in mind. i guess that's hard when my readership is 8 people.

also, shannon, your offer is amazing and i am very, very excited about it. i think you'll give my duckies a good home and/or future use, too.

i think i imagined the bidding opening with things like "a handful of tacks" or "half a tube of rolaids".


shannongerard said...

oooh! yeah me!

i was looking forward to biggering and bettering the offer too. i also didn't realize the bid was for the whole set! i thought it was like, you'd consider good offers and then match up individual duckies with good homes...

but i am proud to house the collection! now, where the hell will i put them all?

sweetie pie press said...

i recommend the bathroom. they thrived and multiplied in mine.

i guess could have put the screws to you to have a bidding war with yourself, but that seemed cruel and pointless.

this was a fun idea, though, and i think i might continue to give things away/auction them off in this manner.

i have some new projects that could be launched with a big giveaway. ideas, ideas...