Friday, February 15, 2008

post-millenium tension

a little tasteful valentine's flair. heart medallion by jen anisef.
yesterday was my birthday and valentine's day.

after years of avoiding parties, i just decided to throw anxieties to the wind and have one this year. it was great! i even forced my visiting mother to make me my childhood birthday cake (banana cake with chocolate icing), which was a big hit. other than just being able to see a bunch of my friends, a real highlight of the evening was watching my mother hold court with her graphic retelling of the circumstances of my birth (which included drinking czech liqueur, a game of risk, driving a sports car, a semi-racist film and winning a due-date pool). the late seventies were a different time. i thought my friend leah was going to barf when the c-section stuff started to crest. even better than that was my mom getting peels of laughter out of a table of comedians.

birthday cakes my mommy made. served in a shoe box.
i also cleaned up big. jen and karyn gave me cuts of my favorite fabrics from the workroom. i got a new (much needed) tea pot from bon bons from jola and dan at good catch, bowls from aitor's family, a mix cd from steve...and...well my friend levi made me a little piece of art (pictured below). it came swaddled in a bunch of kleenex and kind of totally blew my mind.

stool made by levi.
give a man a typewriter and this is what results. he even broke off one of the cross-braces and weakened another for maximum subtle effect.

fabric from the workroom from jen and karyn.
very exciting fabric. i guess this solidifies my undertaking of the quilt of my dreams. can anyone say hexagons? i can. i can totally say that.

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