Monday, February 18, 2008

good gravy.

last week my friend ken asked me if i could spend a slice of my family day (new ontario civic holiday) at a bar in kensington market to help out with a movie his band, the gravity wave, is making. he describes it as "signing in the rain meets the gravity wave musical." while i'm not exactly sure what that means or they are doing, i was charged with the task of creating the best merch table ever - a heavenly display to dwarf and shame their paltry table of free cdr's - and happily accepted.

i think we did a pretty good job with old shirts and postcards from iron cobra's touring days, sweetie pie button sets (spinning display racks are extra shaming), rural alberta advantage merch, some unknown cd's and those framed illustration brooches by carly ogonek.

carly is someone i have been supposed to meet for some time now. our mutual friend paul has been trying to coordinate this meeting for almost a year but out ladyhawk-like schedules have kiboshed his best efforts.

look, paul, it happened. there's carly! we met! and of course, we got along like gangbusters and immediately started chatting about busting her out of her organic grocery store job for a weekend so she can finally set up at a craft fair. for those interested in her fine work, i also found an esty shop of carly's. it seems inactive, but at the very least you could contact her there.


toronto craft alert said...

merch table = awesome
those brooches = double awesome

will she be offering those up to cool moms at the next show?

sweetie pie press said...

that seems like a strong possibility.

Nightjar Books said...

oh! I was trying to figure out Carly's contact info for Craft Cabaret!! I have a frame of hers on my coat, and get compliments daily, if not hourly.

sweetie pie press said...

i know carly is also on facebook if etsy fails in locating her. you know...just to encourage some cyberstalking.