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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

lesen learned.

the lesen lounge

i am totally chuffed to announce the inclusion of my earliest zines in berlin's one-and-only travelling zine library on wheels, the lesen lounge.

run by the amazing and wonderful leah, the little literary cycle pops up all over berlin all the time and can be found by checking the hand-drawn maps on the website.

and huge ups to nadja for writing the lounge up in the new york time magazine. that's huge!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

small (press) steps.

post zine dream. #zinedream

today i went to zine dream, one of my favourite events of the year.

i am now very excited to lay into my new stack of small publications in little doses before bed.

some links of note from that stack above: jesjit gill, colour code, paper pusher, jp king, lee meszaros, amy egerdeen, tara bursey, jeannie phan, mark connery.

also, working on popping my head back into the land of the living. let's see how this goes.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

zine dreams.

tomorrow marks toronto's fourth annual zine dream zine fair. and, oh, how i wish i could be there. it's a great event. if you are in the toronto area, i suggest you go.

it feels like i have had zines all around lately (even though i have not made one yet this year).

some things:

1. zine dream.
2. i made a treasury of favourite book works i found on etsy. so lovely.
3. the wundrkabinet's reading raum installation closed last night at the etsy labs in berlin. by all acounts, it was an unflinching success.
4. some pals i was chilling with in albuqueruqe are currently working on the first ever abq zine fest. they just launched a kickstarter to help, too. they are booking table spots through it and even offer some zine packs for out-of-towners to purchase.
5. toronto's canzine is now accepting sign-ups for tables at their november show and proposals for art rooms. i've already got my table!
6. the 2012 toronto comic arts festival is also accepting applications for sequential book-makers at the moment. i haven't been in town for this event in years but word on the street is that it has grown into quite the concern.

with all this bookish activity rolling around, maybe 2011 really does mark the revenge of print.

good thing i have a tour zine in the works. it has to be out by the end of the year. oh my.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

a raum with a view.

photo by leah buckareff

my constant ambling has made me a little late to the table on this one but last friday saw the opening of berlin's wunderkabinet #3 - the reading raum. congratulations on getting her rolling, leah! the display looks absolutely lovely, as always. and i was totally tickled to see that my shelf mate (pictured above) is the incomparable robert dayton. if you have not checked out his impressive and varied body of work, you might want to change that. i am deeply pleased to have our zines canoodling together under those lacy rocks for the summer. in fact, there are so many favourite people and artists in this show that it is almost pointless to list them all. and if i know leah's selective abilities, i bet even more wonders are held in the works of those who i don't yet know. leah is working on a full artist list with links. until then, you might want to do as i am going to and put google to work on this list.

for those who don't know about the wunderkabinet, it is a now-travelling series of themed contemporary curiosity collections that sets in in instalments around berlin's art and craft sphere. it is all curated and maintained by leah buckareff. the current incarnation is housed at etsy's berlin/international headquarters in a modular construction called 'the turtle'. i hear there is an arm chair there and possible some floor cushions to support comfortable and easy literary perusal. if you are in berlin, you should go there, read some zines and take a few home with you if you like. i would.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

call for wunder zines.


okay, so i am super late on relaying this because my life has been overfilled these past two weeks but leah has a call out for the next instalment of the wunderkabinet in berlin - and she is seeking zines. zines to sell! zines to read! you can find out more here. heads up, though, the deadline to get in touch with her is tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

resolutions: the revenge of print.

revenge of print logo by henry owings

thanks to the good folks at atomic books in baltimore, i have been spurred from my literary torpor and motivated to commit to putting out at least one zine this year. in all the other activity i have found myself embroiled in, i was sickened to see how long it has been since i put out any zine at all. sickened, i say! that's why their 2011 - revenge of the print campaign is so perfectly timed for me.

i am hoping for another issue of 'point form' and one more 'a cette dame'. with a new, cleaner workspace this challenge should be a lot easier.

need further zine inspiration, yourself? i highly recommend making yourself a cup of hot tea and digging into tara bursey's lovely mix of retrospective and musings on zine culture in toronto (and in her life) here. it's for broken pencil's 50th issue. i may just have a cameo in said magazine - all the more reason to justify my presence with some new issues.

with book-as-art-object publishing house, pas-de-chance, putting out projects again and zine dream heading towards its fourth summer show i feel like the toronto zine world has been undergoing a rebirth of sorts. some folks clearly had to take time off and some twentysomethings had to step up to fill voids left by tired thirtysomethings (i am talking the thankless world of zine fair presenting here). me, i can say that the zinester in me was just hibernating (it is true that business and blogging stole me from zine making and pen pals). but 2011 is going to be my year to print again...if only just a little bit.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

zine on me.

pictured above is a little sampling of the amazing wares on offer at today's zine dream. i came home with alarmingly little - i was at my table most of the day and then chatting up city of craft to the screen printing youth of toronto.

i did mange to go home with some great comic/art zines from my table mate, mark connery, and a new zine by tara bursey. i know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but the limited edition of punk rockers on creative survival & the survival of creativity sports a jaunty cover by nicholas kennedy of the trip print press. it's flashy and i like it.

the book itself is fascinating. some of the interviews make me irritated with their contradictions and/or sanctimony and some are quietly inspiring. this is the general range of feelings i have in relation to punk rock culture in general so i think tara's project has done its job. and discussion of diy ethos is always reassuring to read.

the zine fair in general made me feel like i was transported back in time to before craft shows were about big displays and slickness. i felt old and young all at once and it was not unpleasant.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

books and marks.

jen knows of my constant quest for the perfect bookmark. i am very picky and dissatisfied with the vast majority of bookmarks out there. so i thank her very much for bringing this vintage bridge score card home for me from gibsons.

this seems an appropriate new acquisition given that tomorrow i will be attending my first zine fair in a long while, zine dream 2. i am really thankful that jesjit and laura are doing this annually. squashed zine fairs used to happen constantly in toronto but over the past few years, it feels like canzine is the only show in town (a good show, but the only show).

so, thanks, guys!

i have dusted off all my zines for the occasion and relisted them in the etsy shop, too, for those of you who can't make it down.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

zine dream, too.

poster by jesjit gill & laure mccoy

just a message to let all you torontonians know that i will be pulling the cobwebs off my zine catalogue (including the trampoline hall comic zine and some other stuff) to table at zine dream 2.

a lot of the usual suspects will be there. for me, this is going to feel like a compound reunion - arty zinesters, toronto friends at should come. the venue has a bar. we can pretend it is 1995 - only better!

zine dream 2
sunday, august 30th, 2009
noon - 6:00pm
the tranzac
292 brunswick street

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

zine dream.

with expozine right around the corner, i have been pulling my zine catalogue out of storage and dusting it off. i usually tour with zines, but this past tour was so long and potentially rainy, that i left most printed matter at home.

now that i am home, too, we are all happily reunited and i have managed to relist all my available publications in the etsy shop.

for those who don't know, it was zines that started the sweetie pie press (hence the otherwise confounding use for the word 'press' in my company name).

that up there is a cette dame #1. it is the first in what is (thus far) a trilogy of very very short fiction. i find the writing funny, myself. or that is how it was intended, anyway. but such things are always so hard to pitch to potential readers. well, i can tell you a few things these little books have going for them - you won't have to invest nearly as much money or time as many other pieces of writing. and you could sleep happy in the knowledge that you have contributed towards my gas money to montreal and back.

i don't usually shill this hard.


Monday, October 20, 2008

hotel canzine and my broken pencil pictorial profile.

this just in from broken pencil headquarters in toronto: an little interview i did a while back has been translated into the back page pictorial profile in the upcoming issue of the magazine.

this issue, by the way, is being released on sunday in concurrence with broken pencil's annual hotel canzine, a zinester assault that descends of toronto like no other indie lit event. they take over the bulk of the galdstone hotel for a day and cram every possible inch with indie fun. this year's event also includes comedy performances by some real talents like levi macdougall and kathleen phillips.

this year's fall issue focuses on the canadian indie comedy scene (my erstwhile home turf), so the issue is full of articles and interviews about/with some of my favorite people. i have no idea what the pictorial will be like except that it has been done by a woman named claire manning. after perusing her website, i think i am in good hands. now i just have to hope that i didn't say a bunch of stupid things.

lindsay (broken pencil's editor) says that the pictorial will be up on their website sunday but feel free to report back on you impression if you see it beofre i do. and get off your tushies and go down to canzine. i am so sad i can't attend this year. it's the most overwhelming fun you'll ever have.

oh, yes...the front counter at the gladstone also houses a little gallery of goods from the souvenir shop. you can see if my confusion corner buttons are there and/or peruse the other earthly good on display.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

homeless housekeeping.

photo by dusty parr

well, i've had some major catching up to do. i'd also like to send some blanket apologies out to anyone i have disappeared on in the past week and a bit. i've had some personal stuff on the go that has really diverted a lot of my energies. hopefully all will be well and mellow out as we really get into the crazy-manic holiday season.

but back to the updates; pictured above are my mainstay mores buttons, which have been selected by brand new online shop madison belle to be featured in their accessory section. it's a pretty time burgling online shop and i would like to wish its proprietress, brooke, the deepest of congratulations for her big grand opening.

as our little handmade world grows and grows up, i am finding it very nice to watch these various niches being carved out of the online ether (check out other online pals, goodegg, souvenir shop, and shana logic to see the scope of where craftiness can take a person). there is also talk among the bulrushes that renegade handmade is fixin' to launch an online version of their store. i, for one, am pretty stoked about that as they have one of the best collections of art prints i have ever encountered in one my taste, anyway.

after just a few days shy of a year, i also managed to get a listing up in my etsy shop for the trampoline hall comic zine. this 66 page tome was drawn in an evening by a whole heap of top notch comix artists in an attempt to document an evening at toronto-based lecture series trampoline hall through comics. i then printed and assembled everything in one week for last year's hotel canzine. i will not be able to attend canzine this year (although i am possibly interviewed in their upcoming issue), so this online zine offering will have to suffice. and really, i only put it together and did some stamping and doodles. i'm much more in awe of the artists who contributed. see...

(in order, art by rev. aitor; kathryn & stuart immonen; and shannon gerard)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

first ever zine review. the current issue of broken pencile (issue #31).

what a lovely surprise!

go pick it up.

and also, read reviews of some of my favorite zines that i have not written - by people like amy c. lam, zeesy powers and/or yuula.